Hello! I'm Mahnaz

I am an Iranian producer, director, editor, and researcher. I received my bachelor's degree in cinema and stage direction and my Master's degree was in dramatic literature. I am recognized for my work in films and advertising. I started screenplay writing and producing when I was student in college.  


My work in advertising was fruitful and resulted in establishing my own advertising company in 2002 in Tehran, Iran, in which I created over 3000 TV and radio commercials for different companies such as oil, insurance, banks, car manufacturers, and many others. It is worth-mentioning that some of these advertisements became popular and they had positive effects on the product sales.

I was more focused on advertising between 2002 to 2010, but I also made a few short movies.  After this time, I concentrated on making movies again and most of my works were about Iranian history and culture, and its well-known historical individuals.

Mahnaz Rokni

Accomplished Iranian producer, editor, director



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Biruni's Method
Documentary-drama (80 min)
This film is about Al-Biruni. He is regarded as one of the greatest scholars of the medieval Islamic era and was well versed in physics, mathematics, astronomy, and natural sciences, and also distinguished himself as a historian, chronologist and linguist. He is given the titles the "founder of Indology" and the "first anthropologist". He also made contributions to Earth sciences, and is regarded as the "father of geodesy" for his important contributions to that field, along with his significant contributions to geography.
21 Without Yellow Card
Documentary (66 min)
This film takes a glance at Dr. Mohammad Hossein Dadkan's life and his ministration.  As a result of his great management and leadership during his service as the head of the soccer federation, Iran national soccer team was able to make it to the world cup for the first time after the Islamic revolution. Dr. Dadkan is still recognized as a brilliant administrator and a popular individual among Iranians.    
The 5th General Assembly
Documentary (70 min)
This film is about meetings and negotiations of Iranian Zorkhane representatives with those of other 65 other countries in the world about Zorkhane sport. The members of this association try rigorously and unambiguously to expand and promote this sport in the world.  
 Steps of a Warrior
Documentary-drama (45 min)
This Film is an overview of life of engineer Yousef Kabuli.   He is an intelligent individual with extensive studies.  The proportion of education and religious affairs is remarkably high in his life. He turned his attention to directing and teaching peers, friends and classmates.
I Wish I Could
Documentary (5 min)
This film is about a special mother who cares so much for her imperfective children and meanwhile she afflicted by MS. This filmed was award from “Parvin Etesami International Film Festival “(the actress is awarded for her dedications as the best mother)
The Court of Achaemenid Tablets
Documentary-drama (45 min)
This documentary investigates the history of archeological excavation that was performed by French and American scientists.  The main theme of the movie is about the Achaemenian Persepolis tablets that were originally found in Iran by “Ernst Herzfeld” and were taken to USA for further investigation in University of Chicago. 
Antovan Khan
Documentary-drama (45 min)

This is an overview of life and attempt of “Antonio Sevruguin“. Antoin Sevruguin (1830–1933) was a photographer in Iran during the reign of the Qajar dynasty. Because Sevruguin travelled Persia and took pictures of the country, his travels record the Iran as it was in his time. Sevruguins pictures show Tehran as a small city. They show monuments, bridges and landscapes, which have changed since then.

He took both landscapes and fantastic portraits that captured on glass plates timeless images of late nineteenth century Iran. Today, most of his photos have saved in the “Smithsonian Institution”(USA) & “Golestan Palace”(IRAN).

Documentary-drama (45 min)
This is an overview of life and attempt of “Richard Nelson Frye” who was born at 1920. Frye is an American scholar of Iranian and Central Asian Studies. His professional areas of interest are Iranian philology, and the history of Iran and Central Asia before 1000 CE.
Bridge to Future
Documentary (20 min)
This is an overview of “Marek Smurzynski” a polish translator, Persian Language and literature expert and Iranologist.